Saturday, July 2, 2011

ADV - Gochang appeared in Mischelin guide!

Have you heard of Mischelin guide? It is the most well known guidebook which is published by the Tire company Mischelin in 1900. The Mischelin is a renowned magazine that grades restaurants, which of the grading system is called 'Red Guide'.

Mischelin guide (Source: Joongang Ilbo)

It hasn't been long since it has adopted the 'Green Guide' system which grades tourists' attraction around the world. Well, it became a sensation when Mischelin Co. published the 450-page of 'Mischelin guide-Green'.

The number of places in Korea mentioned in this Mischelin guide are 23. There, we can find a rather unexpected name among other familiar names, Dolmen Museum, which is located in Gochang, Jeollabuk-do. There are few people know where the Dolmen museum is actually located.

In addition, not many people know that the dolmen is an attractive place to be visited. Isn't it good enough to visit this place? You will be surprised to know that it was awarded with the highest score - Three stars. Gochang has an old heritage but it doesn't mean that it is still stuck in the past. Let's travel to Gochang.

Places to visit!

Gochang Dolmen Museum

(Source : Korea Tourism Organization)

Temples of Goryeo dynasty, Seonun Temple and Dosolam

Seonun Temple (Source : Korea Tourism Organization)

Gochang's fortress

Gochang's fortress (Source:: Korea Tourism Organization)

Going to places with a variety of historical significances from the Joseon Dynasty of Gochang is a great experience. Gochang too has a long history of organizing festivals dating from the prehistoric Dolmen to the modern day festival.

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