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Sales, Shopping and bits of my memories - Korea

Lady Gaga, the craziest (Uhhh), the coolest (Ahhhh), colors mix-and-match lady and a performer. I like her individuality, she is able to wear what she wants without being subjugated by the public opinions on her wacky style. The way she sways her crowd, the way she influenced the people - Wow!

Lady Gaga Day in Taiwan - Welcome to madness

This is what you call them ardent Gaga supporters! *Nightmares*

That's what fashions and clothing are all about. Right now in Korea, there's a big sales going on. Most, if not every single shops are now having sales. From ZARA, H&M, Giordano, Calvin Klein and right up to the shops around hidden alleys of clothing district in Daegu, you can definitely see sales!

For ladies, there are more clothing varieties to buy if compared to men. There is also a common misconception that men don't really go out and shop. Men in general do buy clothing quite often but it's just that we rarely window shops like how women do. Imagine the long hours men have to sometimes accompany their wives just for her shopping. It is a tough job being a man. Hehe.

Wife : Hey honeeeeey... Does this cloth fits me???
Hubby: Sure, nice la wei
Wife : Really? How about the other one?
Hubby: All suits you dar.. ^^
Wife : Erm... Which is better? the red or the pink one??

Conversation goes on and on.. bla blah...

Wife : This looks beautiful, can I have it honey?
Hubby: Sure why not?

At the cashier:

Wife : (Stares at hubby)
Hubby: How much is it dar? (Soft tone)
Wife : Only 400 USD...
Hubby: (Deep inside : WTF, for a DRESS!!! AHHH) *Smiles back at the wife*

In Korea, the best place for men (and women alike) to buy is through the net (G-Market or Interpark) but the cons of buying there are that the stuffs can be of low quality and that there might be hidden charges when buying things online. This are the reasons I don't encourage buying using this way.

Korea is brand conscious country. This is why T-shirts with word "GUESS" or "GAP" imprinted on them can be best sellers here. For guys in Korea or male tourists to Korea, the best retail outlets to shop are ZARA and Uniqlo (all foreign brand outlets - unfortunately). For guys looking for style, they can opt for the clothing alleys in downtown for vintage.

ZARA has fantastic cloths because the clothing changes very often so it's rare to see people wearing the same outfits (more of "individualism" you see) and in my case, no brand names sticking out like as in GUESS, Levi's or Bean Pole (a Korean brand). Uniqlo because the cloths are cheap, simple and soft :)

Luckily for women (if you are), you will be spoilt for choice when you shop for clothing in Korea. Lots of it really. In every nooks and crannies around Daegu (and in other cities), you will definitely see women retail outlets.


Few weeks ago, I attended a small graduation ceremony for foreigners in my university. It was to celebrate my friend's graduation. Time does really flies when I ponder awhile to think of my friend who had just graduated and she was among the first few Malaysians I met when I first arrived at Kyungpook.

Sumaya (the one holding the bouquet of flowers), friends and me

Her name is Sumaya. Sumaya and ex-KNU Malaysian friends! Thanks for the nice memories! I can still remember the first time I met them all - It was on a long lonely night in a chilly spring weather that I met them at a restaurant outside my campus. Can you imagine me then not knowing a single Korean word? It was so difficult but so glad I made it.

I will be back home for my summer vacation end of this month and my favorite quote is always this

"It's a funny thing about comin' home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You'll realize what's changed is you."

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

It's really true that as time passes, through bitter and harsh experiences, we grow up. I guess I am not in the position to say about myself but really, maturity and growing up are two different things. A person can be a grown up but he may lacks the maturity.

I like being young, I hate making mistakes but somehow, I can't run away from it. So I have no choice but to accept them as they were and get on with my life.

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