Monday, December 13, 2010

WSK - Korean Grafted Cactus Fascinates the World

Frankly, I have no idea Korean has cactuses. They should spend the research money on me :) Jokes aside, yes, Korean has cactuses!

I believe the industry is still at the infancy here but when it comes to money-generating source, I am sure the industry will go far because the Korean Government will sure to support it

*I googled for some "cactus song" but stumbled upon this, quite nice though*

But in Malaysia, sometimes, it's almost impossible. Anyway, I do really hope we can see Malaysian movie producers one day and maybe we can produce dramas and things like how Korean is doing now. Korean dramas, movies, etc. Is it a far-fetched dream?


"Let us pay some attention to the newly developed Korean grafted cactus that comes under such sweet names as “seolhong,” “hoohong,” and “saekdong.”

The usual association with cactus is some thorny, misshapen, rough-looking plant standing under the scorching sun in the desert.

Well, time to shatter that perception.

The grafted cactus of Korea comes in numerous splash colors (red, pink, yellow, orange….) and sizes (such as cactus that looks like cute little cauliflower, the size of your fist!).

The Rural Development Administration(RDA) exhibited its newly developed grated cactus at the horticulture fair held last November 11. The Korean grafted cactus has been garnering excellent reviews from the worldwide horticulture market with its annual volume of export exceeding USD 2 million to over 30 countries including the U.S. and the Netherlands, the leading floriculture nation..."

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