Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post-exam, Next post

My eye were swollen today, I did not sleep yesterday and I am too exhausted to write and post anything today. Doesn't matter right? My holidays already started since last week so, as guys will be guys, we spent our time doing things we really like - games.

My post-exam homework

I am using laptop so high-end games are definately a big no-no unless I wish to see my laptop turning to a piece of wreck, then I will install the games and see the smokey coming out of the lappy :(

My next post will be about these people below, do read my next post ^^ I really hope I will have the time and my "creativity juice" will flow on the day I write it, if not, it will be bad, real bad. haha. Bare with it aight!

I have not yet plan or think of what I'm gonna blog in it too, it's just that I think of a topic randomly and try writing it "randomly" ;)

PS. This is not a Super Junior or Girls Generation's fan blog. lol. So don't expect much. Oh yes, it's for you to guess what I am going to blog.

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