Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowing, 28 Dec

It's been almost 2 years. I'm again away from home.

When it snows, I don't like the feeling of been away. But as a consolation, it's just nice to see snowing in Daegu (which is rare, but I had seen it 2 years consecutively. Yay!)

*I did record it but I'm not so sure whether or not you can see the snow, the video is not clear*

Last year, when it snowed heavily for the first time, I was so excited. I remembered that I was so happy and wore only short pants and a T-shirt to get out of room. It was cold but the excitement brought so much warmth to me :)

New Year is so close, guess I won't be home too. Neither will I be in Daegu, my city. Last year I went Pohang and this year I will celebrate my New Year in Seoul. If I do not have the chance to wish you guys, If I am busy then.

Here wishing you Happy New Year! Happy 2011!


farez syinon said...

hi.happy new year 2011.i got your blog adress from the kgsp malaysia blog.love reading it.btw,i'm a student from malaysia.planning to apply for kgsp after i finished my matriculation program.maybe i can get helpful tips from you?ok.have a nice day!

Roma said...

I was in Kyungbook in 2008 and 2009, we may have met there occasionaly)

kyle said...

farez - sure no prob

roma - and we meet again in WSK kkk

am4n9z said...

annyeonghaseyoe sunbaenim...

I really want to ask many questions about how u getting the scholarship.. =D

can post matrics apply it? Am post matrics with CGPA 3.96...*i missed the 4 during 2nd sem ahaha*

i really want to give a try.. please email me sunbaenim

m4n9z@hotmail.com or my fb am4n9z@yahoo.com..

jebal sunbaenim..

kureom.. annyeonghigyeseyeo.. =D

kyle said...

I am not sure about applying after matrics but do give it a try! :)

I can be reached at:- kyleandlittlemoments[at]gmail.com

But please leave a comment below after you had emailed me. :)

Warm regards from Korea.

am4n9z said...

already sunbaenim.. have emailed u.. gamsahabnida.. =D

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