Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Exam Week

Well it's over babeh!

Exam week in Korea was excruciating boring, it's either I was studying or facebooking, ehmmn.. not really facebooking but playing facebook game. Luckily, my other game account was inaccessible, if not my exam week will be my gaming week. I'm not a gamer really, just crapping. :)

Yes, I can

My last exam was Statistic, yet, no matter how I like subjects related Mathematics, if the questions were all in Korean, it was a different story. Nearly going to submit a blank paper but I kept going on. Felt stressed up when I saw friends handing up the paper sooner than I had expected.

But they are Koreans, I am foreigner ma.. Frankly, if all questions were in English, I can at least answer the majority of them. Not all but the majority because the questions asked me to compare Soviet Union economy with Korean economy? (verdict - mf, leema questions came out, how to answer la!), talk about Korean Presidental election, statistically wise (verdict - wait till I convert myself to Korean first la... then I might answer the question lah. lol)

Statistic - verdict - damn.

Okay la, not all exams were tough. I would say my english exam was the best. Perform fantastically I think. :) English in Korea... can't expect much too.. Next was the biology exam, okay, I did okay because I studied. The questions were all in Korean (Biology somemore) but answered the majority... minus when they as me what the hell is 전정계 (vestibular apparatus, ear thingy), then I have a bit problem in that. Wei... how am I suppose to memorize all la! at least I did my very best okay d la..

Exam Week - Before and after

Chemistry exam? tekan... the only exam that I have no confidence but just pressed the "hit and run", hope I pulled the right trigger. :( Exam week was the only time I gain weight.. no restrictions in eating, very siok, but after weighting, OMG! My Malaysian cookies were already in short supply because one day one container, now I left with only Hari raya chocolate cookies and some nut biscuits...

Lets see what I am going to say tomorrow :)

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