Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saying Hi - Intro

Hi guys,

People always say blogging is easy because when we blog, we can just express what we want to say. Of course it's easy at some point (You guys should try blogging too) but to write something interesting is difficult.

I am actually not a good writer, at first, I try to write something interesting as my means of of writing good university admission essays, scholarships application, etc. But now, everything is over.. I have already been admitted to study in a Korean university under scholarship, I am no more writing for school magazines and I had stopped writing for my university english magazine.

My Life? Well, it's pretty monotonous these days, no hu-hah, but the most common part about my life is I take lots of naps. After classes, I would be napping. Taking naps makes you really alert, its like Red Bull. Ah~ A free one lah..

Recently, I was selected to write something about Korea. You can notice a bit changes in my blog, don't you? haha. The frequency of my posts increased compare to my normal rate. For your information, I am not getting paid for writing but somehow, why not helping to write something that will make your trip to Korea (if you are visiting Korea la) better.

Frankly, instead of following by tour to Korea, I really recommend going to Korea alone or with groups of friends and not by tour. It might sound ridiculous but try going and visit factories and not the real tourist spots if you go by tour. Tour companies are profit-making so it is likely that you will be going to places not in the itinerary. :(

The only problem in Korea is communication, this combines with the lack of information on tourist spots in english, then I think we have a problem here. Anyhow, since I can speak in Korean, I will make your life to Korea a bit enjoyable :)

I am proud too, to say, that all my posts are original and written by me. I think writing from your heart is way better than getting the information through "Cut, copy and paste".. This blog will be mostly about tried and tested advices or infos by me. Example is the way to Muju Resort, you can't find it elsewhere :P However, you will be reading many articles (about 2 per month) that are not by me. It was from the organizer that are asking me to post them. Well, only 2 per month okay mah... *

And of course, I will edit it to FEEL like reading a blog instead. ^^ Not going to bore you anymore so happy reading :) On a personal note, my exams are all over so look out for more posts. I need your comments/advices on what to write. Wei. Even my polls got only 4 replies (on the top left part of this blog). Hmmn..

Best regards,


* Will be titled under WSK or ADV

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Keh Jun said...

i voted! =P

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