Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Korea Grand Sale

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Visit Korea Committee hosts a ‘Korea Grand Sale 2011’ with approximately 14,000 business participants including the ‘BIG 20 (A strategy selecting a group of franchise businesses favored by foreigner who visit Korea and offer discounts)’s for fifty days. On weekends, various events are offered for customers.

Korea Grand Sale

- When: Mon. 10 Jan 2011 ~ Mon. 28 Feb 2011
- Where: Seoul, Busan, Jeju and other local governments nationwide

* Weekends Special Street Events (Hours 13:00~16:00)

- Sat. 15 Jan ~ Sun. 16 Jan 2011:
Myeongdong Theater

- Sat. 22 Jan ~ Sun. 23 Jan 2011:
Dongdaemun Hello APM

- Sat. 28 Jan ~ Sun. 30 Jan 2011:
Yongsan, IPark Mall Event(Floor 4)

- Sat. 12 Feb ~ Sun. 13 Feb 2011:
Outside Lotte Department Store(Main Branch)

PS. Now is the best time to get the best price for winter clothing albeit an out of fashion ones. hehe. But I can see most shops started to replace them with spring wear, spring's coming. Start of my semester next month. :(

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