Sunday, February 20, 2011

I wish I can

I know I am growing old. As day passes, I felt older. I can't run as hard as I used to be last time (I couldn't run continuosly in a marathon-type exercise everyday... haiz...), I couldn't shout as loud as I want to and my sights are deteriorating (hope it's not because of computer...).

I wish I can become young without the thoughts of getting a job, getting into school, my future and many more things we do not dream of when we are grown-ups.

I wish to run in the fields as free as a bird, nobody to see me other than my mum or dad.

I wish there is no classes the next day, able to sleep all day long.

I wish I can be really good at doing things I am good at, designing houses with LEGO blocks instead of books.

I wish I can meet more friends that share the same interest as me, destroying other people's sandcastles.

I wish I can be a policeman or an army instead of a student.

"Age is just numbers" like I always say, but saying it is another thing, feeling is also another thing.

But I am all grown-up now. With lots of responsibility and lots of big dreams yet to be achieved. When I graduated, a quarter of my life will be in overseas, another quarter of it I was day-dreaming while another half, my doings that makes me into who I am today. Half of my life will be in school or university. Half of it will be at home.

This is what I think of. Wow. Time really flies.

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