Friday, February 11, 2011

11 February 2011

Too much stress, felt like giving up today. 6 days of limited sleep (2 hours..) but not working according to plans.


Charlene C. said...

hey Kyle!

Found ur name while among those who commented in my blog before.

So, I was wondering if I've meet you anywhere before this? I think I saw Ritchie and joel in your current post.

Take care! ^^

kyle said...

erm no. at first, i thought you were under Korean government scholarship.. yup, joel is my junior, do u know him?

Charlene C. said...

Oh...haha I bumped into Joel while I'm in Korea, got hang out with him before la.

So I assume ur in the same uni with him? Nice to meet you ^^. I miss Korea so much!

Yelena Lim said...

late, but never give up!!

kyle said...

charlene - no, he's in kyunghee while im in daegu, quite far from seoul. nice to meet you too

yelena - thanks. anyway, you really BLOG A LOT!!! haha

Charlene C. said...

^^ I'll be following your blog. You update frequently. ^^ Miss Korea a lot~

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