Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ADV - Secret Garden, the TV Drama is not to end

Secret Garden, a Korean TV drama that won favorable attention from the audience for the actors’ excellent performance and its famous lines, has just come to end. As the TV drama of the moment generating a lot of talks, not only its storyline but also the fashion, props and even NG takes became a great interest among the fans.

In particular, the location sites of the TV drama where the main characters’ scenes have been taken were what aroused the audiences’ curiosity the most. Let us have a closer look to the places Secret Garden invited their fans; the workshop location where Joo Won (Male leading charater) and Lime (female leading character) looked through the eyes of love of each other, Jeju hotel site where the two souls were switched and Petite France where the couple has first met.

Here I am

Petite France, Joo Won first meets Lime

Do you remember the place where Joo Won first meets Lime (I DUNNO COZ I DON'T WATCH THIS DRAMA. LOL), mistaking her as Park Chae Rin who Oscar had asked to find for him? The romantic and fairytale village that often appears on TV or movie screen is from Petite France, a French village located in Gapyeong-gun Cheongpyeong-myeon, Korea.

If you are a fan of Secret Garden, continue reading here to KNOW MORE about the shooting places and some short narative on this drama :)

I did not watch this drama so I couldn't tell more but I did watch IRIS. It was superb but too bad the ending sucks. I expected it to have more action in the otherwise heart suspense I chase YOU you CHASE me scenes.

One of the place shot in the IRIS drama, a tourist spot in Korea - Gwanghwamun Plaza.

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