Tuesday, February 8, 2011

8 February 2011

I am now in Pohang participating in some business competition. So far, kinda exhausting coz I do not have break as I have classes all day long. 1 week. 1 week! fighting! It is a business competition but I am a science student. Wah. Nevertheless will do fine I guess, hopefully top 3 in the business competition. Confident le.. Lets see.. haha..

So no "dramatic" blogging this week. Just kidding too. Nothing special in this blog actually. Life is pretty monotonous these day, felt more like an army camp than a normal days. My camp is until sat btw. Wake up at 6.30 am. shit. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! I know I am late but according to chinese tradition, CNY lasts 15 days so wishing within 15 days is acceptable.


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