Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just like any other day - 23 Jan

I had just opened my Chicken bak hu (dried meat) and it tasted so heavenly. Felt like I am in heaven, never thought it would be so delicious. Actually the one that I am eating now was bought by my friend, I "pleaded" (just kidding) her to bring back some Malaysian food and she bought back the bak hu and a container of GIANT pineapple tart (GIANT hypermarket??).

Will be eating the pineapple tart for CNY. For the bak hu thingy, usually I would be buying it from Bee Cheng Hiang of Singapore (they have franchise in Penang) and I was kinda skeptical when she told me that the chicken bak hu she had bought from Kiew Brothers was the BEST!

So today, I tried it. WOW. It simply melted in my mouth. Oh la la... Yummy! Now I am waiting for my chinese new year package from home. For the first time this year, I ate real food. All those Korean food... Too common and not exotic. At first it was delicious but after some time, there is no difference whether it is good or not.

Same as the infamous oily Roti Canai, Loh Mee, curry me, Fish and chips and all those nonsense back home. After eating them for a long time, we tend to prefer other different meal.

But today, the bak hu was fantastic. Ngamm! Just another random post by me ~~

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jun said...

LOL!!! =P

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