Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Daegu 2011?

Last year in Seoul we had Asia Song Festival. In this festival, famous Korean pop stars like Rain, BOA, 2AM sang alongside talented Asian singers/groups like China's Jane Zhang to our very own Malaysian Michael Wong. Last year's performers, click at this link.

At first, I do not know who's Michael Wong and it was until some searches over net that I finally know who is him and his songs. Well, our very own Malaysian star was extremely famous in China and his songs were among the top downloaded and watched on the internet. He is well known for his song titled Fairy Tale or Tong Hua. Again it's another sad song.

Fairy Tale

This year in Daegu, we will have Asia Song Festival! Hopefully the performers will be better than last year. Maybe Big Bang and Girls Generation? Contrary to popular belief that each and every Malaysian students in Korea know every Korean pop artists, well, come to think of it, I have almost zero knowledge on any Korean singers or their latest songs.

Sometimes, I get to know some Korean songs through links posted by friends on Facebook. :)

Though I have many songs I like and able to listen and understand without translations, I am more into song that makes me relax (before, during and after classes... erm.. maybe not "during class" la) and just for fun with friends at 노래방 or Karaoke.

A very cool Big Bang dance rehearsal...

I like Big Bang's songs even though I am not really a huge fan of Korean pop songs in particular but since Big Bang was already an A-class performer in Korea. I ought to know right? Okay, lets see. I know who is Taeyang or 태양, not his real name anyway. He has his own album and his famous song (to me) is non other than Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dress

From there on, there's G Dragon and TOP. While the rest of the group members... erm, my apologies... I have no idea who's who other that those 3 lucky people. :) Last year, in Asia Song Festival, besides the mentioned performers from Malaysia, China and Korea, we have AKB48, a Japanese girl group.

It's silly of me to ask this but how can a girl group with so many members sing together? It's more like Super Junior, looks nia. And our neighbour, Thailand, they have Bie The Star (Not "By" but "Bie", no kidding) For more info on Asia Song Festival 2011 in Daegu, click at this link

Nine Muses during New Year's Eve Celebration in Seoul

Girls Generation

So this year, I hope the performers will be good! I wish there will be Malaysian performers too. Besides Asia Music Festival (October 8), this year too in the month of August, Daegu will play host to IAAF World Championships organized by International Association of Athletics Federation and Usain Bolt will be here.

My campus's track

2011 is Visit Daegu Year so this time, do expect a lot coming from Daegu. See you in Daegu!

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