Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Come What May II

Dear __,

I always hope to write something positive about my life in Korea (Of course in this blog, there's always a balanced view of my life here in Korea). Sometimes, I do get confused on whether I should consider myself lucky or otherwise as a scholar in Korea.

Me, aiming at hot chicks at 12 O'clock.. Just kidding!

These days, life is pretty tough to me academically speaking because I never obtain any top placing in my class before. It's quite funny to say that since primary school, I never considered myself a weak student but since coming to Korea, this perception changes drastically.

But as a government scholar, I felt ashamed...

I am sure too that most other foreign students in Korea will have a hard time getting great results unless the course you are now taking is in English or it's just that your major subjects are easy. That's the issue I am a bit worry about la..

Academic achievements are ironically not important but in the long run, paper qualifications will be the yardstick on how others will judge you. I am neither rich nor have a huge inheritance to start a business so I have to start from small - through working for others first.

Life is really like a journey..

Hence that's the problem. People will never believe you even though you had tried your very best and sometimes, it did not turn out the way you want it to be. Everything is always about the final result.

Be my canvas?

Recently, I had written a few posts but is now hesitating whether to post them up or not, maybe because some posts are downright honest, may sound one-sided and might offend others but well, I will try to tone them down if I have the time one day. And then, I will post them up one by one.


These days, the weather's improving by leaps and bounds. Those nostalgic breeze blew gently past me, I felt it. I can see trees swaying back and forth out my window like how a pendulum swings - in a slow but passionate movement.

The rustling sound of the leaves accompanying the sound of passerby walking past. Hmmn, another day, I said to myself.

A flicker of thoughts yet reminded me how time passes slowly and untouched, innocent. ___, I wish you were here.

Across the street at the main gate, do you remember the coffee shop we first met? I can remember your black eyes shinning brightly at me for the first time. From an unexpected and short gaze at me. Well, by then, I was already mesmerized. :)

Sadly I was too busy, not interested in anything but going back to my home sipping tea with other friends. Maybe I was more interested in football than talking about studies and people..



Do I get you all interested in whats next? Hehe. It's just a joke okay, I was a bit bored on what to write next so I wrote this up :) Anyway, have a nice day.

Best Regards,


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Jun said...

the soft toys are cute!!!

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