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ADV - Korean Medical Care that impressed Kazakhstan

At the end of last November, a medical team from the Korea University Anam Hospital flew over to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan and carried out kidney transplant as officially invited by the National Medical Emergency Center of Kazakhstan. The surgery was successful, and the news on the medical techniques of the Korean medical team was aired throughout the country.

Unlike Korea, the success rate of the kidney surgery in Kazakhstan is pretty low. However, the organ transplanting was the only way to save Aigerim Kumasheva suffering from the chronic renal insufficiency so the medical team operated the surgery with her brother’s kidney, which took 8 hours in total. Dr. Kasimov, the head of the medical emergency center of Kazakhstan said “Our hospital deeply appreciates at Korean medical team that added a new page to the medical history of Kazakhstan. I was very impressed at their sense of duty as a doctor as well as their medical technology.”

This is not the end of successful stories of Korean medical treatment. A number of tourists looking for the medical tourism are continuously visiting Korea. Let’s take a look at what is in Korean medical treatment!

Kazakhstan President’s doctor visited Korea

On April 26, a patient visited Severance hospital in Korea and received medical surgery. In fact, he was a lifetime doctor for Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbaev and also a notable specialist in rehabilitative medicine in Kazakhstan. He first found out about the successful story of robotic surgery by the Severance hospital from articles among the data of medically advanced countries such as U.S. and European countries.

He decided to visit Korea right after being counseled by one of his co-workers and met an acquaintance who recovered from the surgery by the Severance hospital.

Beside a robot called da Vinci, the doctor operates with 3-D screen. The robotic arm is located inside the patient’s body (Source : Donga News)

He chose Dr. Na, who is well-known to have performed the most number of robotic surgeries on prostate cancer in Korea. You will find the reason from the fact that he is the first doctor in Korea who succeeded the robotic surgery in 2005 and also performed about 1,200 surgeries so far.

Of course, the result was successful. Dr. Oraz left the hospital with a healthy appearance. The technology of robotic surgery has achieved recognition throughout the world. You will be surprised to know that many doctors around the world such as USA, Singapore, Italy, and France visited Korea to learn on how to perform the robotic surgery.

What is da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

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