Thursday, May 5, 2011

Of Children and Children's Day in Korea

I remember when I was young, Children's Day was the only day I was always looking forward to attend school. As time passes, it had lost its significance.

However, when I looked back, I am proud to say I am a lucky guy to have the opportunity to experience and grow up like any other children should during my childhood phase. Though my mum can be categorized in the Asian Tiger Moms league of mothers, luckily I had a normal childhood life and did survive.. lol

I do not think many people have that opportunity. Millions of young kids die each day of infectious diseases, thousands more to unwarranted child abuses and most of them are denied the basic need of love, shelter and support.

More need to be done to ensure that each and every innocent child receive enough help so that they are able to fend for themselves and hopefully, end this vicious cycle of neglect. The children of today must be able to have normal childhood lives so that they too will one day nurture their offspring with understanding on what the life of a child must be like.

Sure, we cannot end child abuses, we cannot end young, weak child from been recruited to be young fighters for somebody's selfish agendas. But just by helping a few if we can and allow them to at least know what a child's life should be, indirectly, we can at least bring a glimmer of joy and hope through their innocent eyes.

For those that can't afford, try spending time at the orphanage or places with neglected kids so we can at least bring smiles to their faces and if you can afford more, help them in education so that they will first escape from poverty and attend school just like any normal kids would. They will be the next generation of people who will be the inventors, the leaders and most importantly, they will be parents too one day.

Today is a public holiday in Korea - it's Children's Day (어린이날)! Children's Day is a day children, not the President were honored and given a day off. In reality, this is more like a day off for the parents to spend time with their kids.

They are the future leaders and even Google did commemorate the day with a nice background on it's webpage.

That day reminded me of my childhood days too. Instead of it been a public holiday, I had to attend school. During my time in primary school, Children's Day was the only day that we can bring things thought to be illegal when brought to school. And we did have parties, parties for the teachers and us all.

In Korea, it's different. They have holiday. This is the day parents will usually buy gifts for their children. Shopping malls were crowded to the brim with youngsters too old to be called "kids" anymore and they will watch movies. The downtown was so jam packed this afternoon too. The discount stores also had promotions a day before selling from toys to kid's favorite food - sweets, candies and chips to ensure the children did experience the so called "childhood lives".

"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." from an American Proverb.

Happy Children's Day!

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