Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eat, Drink and Dance - KNU Festival 2011

Like any students in every university, there's always a time to have fun and also a time to be serious in our studies. Recently, our university organized a grand festival and I was there 2 days consecutively in this 3-day festival.

Lining up for?

... a free can of coffee.. -_-"

Well, it all started on the first day of the festival where every Korean University freshman was persuaded to attend and help out making dishes to be sold to the public. The profit earned was then spent on alcohol on the last day of the festival. They will drink until all get drunk and continue again... geez..

Last year during my first university festival in Korea, instead of helping out (It was on voluntary basis so ahem... I absented myself - Who in the right mind would want to cook until the next day, serving and washing plates la?), I went and experienced the festival with my department teachers and friends :)

This year though was a bit different.. "On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... A Partridge in a Pear Tree..." (Twelve Days of Christmas) On the first day of the festival, I went for food! After having 파전 or Korean green onion pancake and Jjimdak (A Korean dish of chicken with sauces) for dinner, I had a meal called Ceylonese chicken curry (5000 Won!).

I like spicy food (Malay and Indian food but never Chinese!) and I expect spicy food to taste better than some bland Chinese or Korean cuisine. However, the portion served was too little and whether paying 5000 Won for a very small bowl of curry and a plate of noodle was worth or not - frankly, I think it was not worth at all. Since it was only a 3-day festival, it was an exception.

First day of festival in my university was never the best time to visit because the people were still preparing and setting up tents. After the Sri Lankan stall, I went for another meal at a restaurant with friend and we ordered green onion chicken.. Chicken.. chicken and chicken.. I think I am turning into a chicken!


On the second day after the ever stressful Physical Biochemistry class. I went for another tour around the festival site. This time, it was better than yesterday. In the concert area, though I am not sure which famous performer(s) attended, I was very confident that the performer(s) was not from among the A-list Korean stars (Big Bang, Girls Generation, etc..), maybe ours was from the B-list or even C-list..

Since KNU is a public university - if Big Bang is to perform, I think my university will be crowded like in a gulag and tuition fees will see historic rise and Koreans will demo ^^ After a while there, with acoustic guitars blazing and drums still beating "dum dum dum" in my ear drums, I think I had enough.

I went to another spot. It was a volleyball court. For the first time (maybe?) in Kyungpook, there was a disco party. With great DJs and right at the center of university, who would want to give it a miss? Well, I did as I had other appointment.

Nevertheless I went there for a short while (outside and did not enter ler) and I saw my classmate selling mask. He told me that sometimes Korean were shy when they danced so they will cover their face. lol.

He bought 60 masks for 2000 Won and he was selling at 1000 Won each. I doubt he sold any that day. *Grins* Yes! My second day's over. On the last day, I was in my room enjoying the serenity. Ahhhh... at last... Though I did not participate, I managed to see fireworks from the top of my dorm.

Fireworks. Short yet beautiful all at the top of the building.. Perfect dating spot too. Hehe.. Just kidding ^^ It was fun but it would be better if the weather during the whole festival was great. On the first day of the festival, it was chilly (Have you heard of cold summer?) and on the second day, it rained too.

I did enjoy it all. or maybe I did n...

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