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ADV - Let’s Go Inside the Love Story of Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong!

We see many ‘Couples of the Century’ through numerous media. Whether they are real couples or the fake ones, the range of couple are limitless. For example, famous football star David Beckham and member of the pop girl group ‘Spice Girls’, Victoria Beckham became the couple of the century through their marriage.

There are also fictional couples beloved by many in the world. In Jane Eyre, the famous and influential western novel, the love between Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester has been remembered among readers until now. Hence, comes a question on whether there is any ‘Couple of the Century’ in Korean classical literature? Absolutely!

Romeo and...

Juliet... Korean version

Chunhyang and Mongryong, they are the familiar names to Korean. The novel was adapted for Pansori, books, films and even dramas. The main character, Chunhyang - built an image of an active woman in Joseon Dynasty and these days she became the representative image of Korean woman through the various performances carried overseas. They are truly a couple of the century that represents Korea.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a place to remind us of their love story. Every story was supposed to be alive and lingers in the reader’s imagination, however, if the readers can see and look around the virtual place that helps the understanding of the full story of ‘Chunhyang-jeon’, visitors would definitely enjoy the story with the scenery.

At Pohang, Korea

From the idea, ‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ was finally opened on May 2004. Theme park is the place for entertainment and the attractions were the landscaping, buildings, and most attractions are based on one or more of the specific themes. The ‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ is ready for couples with the gist, ‘We invite those of you who have someone to do with love!’.

We have everything in Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park!

Night view of Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park

‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ is comprised of mainly 5 places- ‘Meeting Place’, ‘Pledge Place’, ‘Love and parting Place’, ‘Hardship Place’, and ‘Festival Place’. When you enter the theme park, you will see the facilities and structures that are well-matched to each place.

At ‘Meeting Place’, you will see swings where Chunhyang and Mongryong first met, a fountain, and a cultural museum. At ‘Pledge Place’, you will meet a stone tower over the ring-shaped bridge ’Okjihwan’ which means a declaration of love. You might also find some couples in front of the tower, piling a stone on it and tying a small piece of wishing paper. In addition, ‘Pledge Place’ is quite a famous place to couples among other theme places.

Everlasting love, Eternal pledge..

When a couple put their hands inside the ‘Pot of Pledge’, the love song ‘Sarang-ga’ comes out of it. At ‘Love and Parting Place’, you will see the ‘Buyong-dang’ where Chunhyang and Mongryong spent their wedding night, and the house of gisaeng ‘Wolmae’, Chunhyang’s mother. Also there is a workshop that you can experience the ‘seonbi’s style and arts, and even commoners’ culture in the middle era of Joseon Dynasty. ‘Hardship Place’ is also a place that attracts tourists.

There is a rebuilt jail that Chunhyang was imprisoned and the investigation office which has a stick for flogging criminals. The stick is a remade for visitors to try and joke around. Finally, at ‘Festival Place’, there are many places to relax for visitors and a private theme school for writing letters with a brush. Once you use the brush, you will feel as if you were a writer going back to Joseon Dynasty.

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