Saturday, July 3, 2010

3rd July 2010

I feel like continue staying in korea this coming vacation instead of going back home. Time passes so quickly and I have so little time. Blogging has been a chore lately and I always have to restrain myself so as not to share things that are not suppose to be told in this public blog.

This is a public blog. Period. I had a diary but I don't use it. My diary is my scrap book.

Ah~ My plans this coming winter... I am planning to get a DSLR camera for the first time!! :) I like taking pictures and having a DSLR camera means I can broaden and improve my photography knowledge. I need to learn more on the techniques of taking pictures before I started buying newer and better ones.

I will start off with a Nikon D90 (Most probably). Nikon D3000 is a cheaper ones but well, I prefer to start photography faster with better equiptment.

This coming winter, most probably, I will be going to Egypt. But as for now, it is still uncertain, but lets see... 80-percent confirm? This might mean that I am not going back for CNY again next year. haiz.

As a student and still unemployed, I want to opt for the cheapest flight, but it might transfer to Turkey (according to my friend that will be going together with me). So why not? Hopefully, I can hop on to Turkey (and spend a day or two over there) on the way to Egypt.

I have a few goals. One of them is that I want to travel to as many places as possible during my stay in Korea. Had been to China after my Korean language study this year. Planning to go Egypt this winter (this December to February 2011) and hopefully Tibet and Shanghai before I graduate.

I do miss home but I am hesitating. Can't fall asleep tonight.

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