Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Malaysian Story Part 1

27th July 2010. Reached Penang after 1 year 4 months abroad. Actually, I am pretty sleepless the night before. Not because I am too excited but too afraid to miss the plane and bus (from Daegu to Incheon airport). Once I am in the bus, I am pretty excited because I am going back home alone, another exciting journey by me.

Actually, I have nothing much to tell but what I can say is that journey by bus was not pleasant, the lights were switched on often and the street lamps were shinning brightly while we (the passengers) were on the bus journey. And I hate stopping at rest house at 3 in the morning and at another bus stop to carry new passengers.


Reached Incheon airport damn early, say 4.40am? My flight was at 11 am. Tried to sleep on the bench at the airport, the way I did makes me looked like a beggar but well, who cares?

Somehow I am too afraid to sleep too. What if in case I overslept and miss the plane? So I did not sleep and kept my eyes awoke for 5 long hours.. hmmn...


10.15am. Checked in my luggage... I over carried but... fuuuhhh.... the clerk was kind enough to not care of my overweight luggage eventhought I exceeded it by 5 kilos. Thanks to Malaysia Airlines. :) I am really excited to go back now.

(To be continued...)

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