Saturday, July 10, 2010

10th July 2010

I spent my time looking at blogs on nice Penang food and some Korean funny clips (I am spending a bit time for my holiday mah...) instead of studying yesterday night. I should be serious and study hard, my exam is next week. Anyway, I feel that it doesn't really matter anymore to get good results because it is simply too difficult.

Questions are in Korean! In Korea, most of the summer classes' exams are in Korean. My "scientific" Korean knowledge on "scientific" terms are only hyeonmikeong (microscope), yang chea (antibody) and some little terms even kids one, two years old knew more than me. Guessing works. haha.

It is simply suicidal if one is really interested in getting grade A in your exam papers when you are:

a) A foreigner
b) No scientific knowledge on Korean scientific terms for scientific people (peeps, I know it sounds complicated. But I need to make you be convinced with me :P)
c) Not a nerd, no... not a super duper nerd. shit. Should I be a nerd?

I remind myself day after day that I am here to learn, experience the culture, travel, start afresh and never give up.

Malaysians give up too easily. When Malaysians staying overseas live among Malaysians, they seem to grow inwards and not independent anymore. Not all. But this is what I see to some people living in Seoul.

I read The Straits Times (a Singapore daily) everyday and yesterday I stumbled upon a news mentioning that Korean dramas are the most sellable titles in Singapore's video shops. The only Korean drama in Korea I watched is IRIS (after 1 year 4 months abroad!) and not suprisingly, it came out as the number one most watched drama in Singapore! Check out the clip above. :)

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