Sunday, July 11, 2010

11th July 2010

It was raining heavily just now. The weird thing about raining in Korea is everytime I use an umbrella, my back will always get wet. Unlike in Malaysia, the raindrops drop everywhere. So it's either my front or my back that will be drenched. Need to stay motivated. Being too lazy to start my revision. Needless to say, I can't wait for my trip back home. A bit excited.

I like the "excitement" of going around Penang looking for food. Like a mouse foraging for food. My first stop will be a Curry Puff stall next to Sunshine mosque, I hope the owner will continue frying the puff by the time I am back because I am going to be back during evening. For dinner, maybe Nasi byrani, I really miss the one behind Queensbay, Kapitan Restaurant. The smell of the curry is just simply amazing. :)

Then, I am going to eat bak chang, roti canai, roti telur, curry mee, hokkien mee (I never ate hokkien mee in Penang because I will choose other dishes instead of it, but now I am craving to try it!), Nasi Lemak (Hope to try the authentic roadside one and from the Old Town), Nasi Kerabu at Pulau Tikus Market (the only one in Penang, I think), tandoori (at any nasi kandar outlets), Nasi Kandar (KAYU behind Vistana!!!), TROPICAL fruits (No strawberries, apples, grapes please) and lots more.

But first, I will be needing to change my passport pic, my pic is not recognizable for reasons I myself do not know. I have problem everytime I am in the Immigration counter especially during my last trip to China. wth.

2 more weeks and I had lost my focus to study. I am not sad though, the goody feeling of going back overwhelms the fear of getting bad results. I remind myself that my summer class is just a preparatory course during my 3rd year! So soon and I AM REALLLLLLYYYYYYYY EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDD!

This is my first time anticipating for the trip back! Couldn't wait. Nothing beats the smell of freshly ironed bedsheets, pillow cases, aroma of nice home cooked meals and I can wake up whenever I want.

I don't have the luxury of getting these simple things here in Korea. I wake up at around 7.15 am everyday without fail except for some days - I hate Mondays and Sunday. Sunday because the weekends are over, Monday because I "partied" hard the day before and could not wake up the following day.

What I will miss in Korea is the weather. In Malaysia, somehow I felt ichy and had running nose time after time. In Korea, no problem. These days, I blog everyday maybe because I am bored waiting for the day. I think I am going to stop blogging these few days because I need to study for my exam. wtf. I have exams while others are celebrating. Tempting reminder. :(

It can't be so soon, can it be?

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