Thursday, July 8, 2010

8th July 2010

Sometimes I always think whether doing good is really worthwhile. Helping old ladies/mens' requests to carry their heavy stuff, helping friends when they have no umbrella but I ended up drenched after giving them mine, helping friends around eventhough I have exams the following day and many many more.

I try to do good because I think being kind to others is always the best thing to do. I am not a very kind person last time. Korea changed me. Why must it be now??? It doesn't pay to be kind. Felt so stupid after helping so many people but ended up with nothing. This stupid action of mine, I think inherited from my dad. Not a very good trait in the long run.

Why should I pity the weak, poor and needy? As I am writing this, I am now waiting under the rain, drenched, after giving my umbrella (again!!!) to an old lady - felt a bit regretful. I AM SO STUPIDDDD!!! f kindness. In the end, I f myself after helping people. I know I am so damn stupid today. Yes, soooooo stupid. I am really mad now been stuck under the rain.

When I think of it again, I kept writing stupid stuff in this blog. The blog SHOULD be about travel, and my "little" moments. Erm, Is now my "little" moments? What a day my today turns out to be.

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