Sunday, September 5, 2010

5th September 2010

Today, as usual, I ate some Korean food (again). Ate Korean food 24/7 and this makes me sick of eating them anymore. Haiz. In Malaysia, I can't comprehend why so many people have that peculiar taste for Korean food. Well, at first it was delicious but after sometime, the taste becomes more and more apparent. I mean how long can you eat fermented soyabean? every week? It stinks wei...

I miss curry. I miss the comfort of spending my money on food whenever I want in Malaysia. I miss home. In Korea, you can, but nothing at night is really delicious. These days, nothing great, just being preoccupied with my work. My english class, hmmn, honestly, too easy, sometimes I felt like wasting my time there.

I make some stupid choices.

During my free time, I wrote a review, a movie review actually. I did that in a day after reading a movie review in the KNU english magazine about The Truman Show. Here's the review. This time it's The Expendables. I watched this movie with friends during my summer vacation in Malaysia.

The Expendables – Where guns meet martial arts.

Who doesn’t like watching a star-studded movie? From the likes of Sylvester Stallone to our very own Asian actor, Jet Li, this movie is sure to make our heads turn. Or does it not? With the cameo appearance of actor-turned-politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger, it makes us all wonder whether the sky’s the limit in acting.

The movie started out with a violent scene where a group of mercenaries headed by Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) on a rescue mission to save hostages. During the rescue mission, there was a disagreement and in the end a member of the Expendables, Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren) was discharged. Unsatisfied yet cool, he agreed to the decision but felt that the reason he was discharged was unjustified.

This action will shape the entire plot of the movie as time passes. Then, one day, the team received an offer to undertake a mission on a fictional island of Vilena. The mission was to overthrow the dictator, General Garza (David Zayas) of that small island. On a botched reconnaissance mission, the team somehow managed to learn on the real reasons behind this mission. There, Barney Ross left Sandra (Giselle Itié), his guide on her own while they returned back contemplating on quitting the mission.

Guilt got up to Barney Ross when he realized that he left Sandra to fend for herself, not being able to save her. So he again assembled his team to finish the mission and save Sandra at the same time. Nevertheless, even before he arrived at his destination, he was hunted down by a team of assassins. As expected in its predictable storyline, he and his sidekick, Yin Yang (Jet Li) managed to fend them off.

Finally, the Expendables arrived at Vilena on a rescue mission, a mission to save Sandra and to save the people of Vilena. Ultimately, this movie is more about friendship, through thick and thin, friends will always be there for each other like the team of the Expendables. Even when facing an army and outnumbered, they always stick together as a team.

In this world, nothing will last forever. Same goes to the dictators, one day they will be impeached by the people and evil wrongdoings will always be corrected and rectified. This movie did not come up to my expectation but I am neither terribly disappointed nor felt it was a waste of money. It was an entertaining, heart-pounding and mind-blowing movie. With great and well known actors, it is great to see them back in action on screen again.

Kyle Tan Jin Soon


Tomorrow will be another week in school. Many new challenges to face, new things to be learned, new people to be met but the same smelly fermented soyabean paste nobody likes (I mean for a guy like me that eat that for a living everyday. lol. Just kidding. It's just smelly, you can neither find it being sold in Malaysia too at Korean restaurant)

왜 나는 수업에 가도 느낌이 안 좋다. 나는 이번 학기는 노력하고 싶은데 장애가 이렇게 많는다. 기다려도 못해.. 나는 이제도 내 실력이 모르고 찾을수없는 것 같다. Must prioritize what I need to do and not to. 혹시도 이렇게 빨리 실망 하지 말고 그냥 하루 하루 살기 바라.. 시간이 지나면 많이 지나면 멀어도 약속 때문에 기다리고 있어

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