Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn is here

Today, it was cold. 13 degrees celcious. Yesterday, it was more than 20 degrees. Korean weather is like Roulette, you place a bet, spin it, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. But usually, you lose. Korean weather is just unbearable.

Of all 4 seasons in Korea, I like spring and autumn. Spring is lively but irritating because that time, lots of pollens were around. Not a nice time for asthmatics. Autumn is dull, gloomy but it brings back nice wonderful memories.

For the moment, I am undecided whether to go back or not for CNY. Right now tickets back are so cheap (through Air Asia of course!) but I dislike the weather in Malaysia. I miss family and friends too. ya right. lol.

Of course I miss them.

Just now, went out with some group of foreign friends, I dunno why but sometimes when they badmouth the mainland chinese, I felt angry lah. I consider myself a Malaysian so I would usually ignore them. But deep inside, I felt hot. I am always wondering why I feel angry in situation like this... haiz... Lets don't talk about how "educated" they are. Post-grads yet so kaneneh racist.

hmmn. wadepak.

These 3 days. Okay la, last 3 days was a Korean public holiday - Chuseok or Korean thanksgiving. I hate it because I can't find any food stalls opening for businesses during that 3 days of holiday. With the exception of today for lunch, I was forced (well, that lady told me that I can only select a particular meal from that menu... again, wadepak!) to order the most expensive meal in her shop.

Only 3500 Won (around 3 USD), okay, cheap la. But come one la wei, I can go McD and buy a set meal with that money. I lost weight during that holiday. Usually, for students, most would resort to eating rameon noodles during these crisis but I don't take rameon. I think I make a pact with some gods not to ever touch rameon noodles. lol just kidding.

In Korea, I don't like or take rameon noodle. So I ate cereal + milk. breakfast and dinner :( lunch outside but not at McD but at Korean restaurant. :) After 2 days, my big box of Almond Cereal was nothing but an empty box. Therefore today, I had to eat at that old lady's place. Dinner was at friend's house.

Okay, time to get serious.

These days, in Malaysia, nothing is going right. Instead of discussing about how our the country should go forward. We fell back into the same pattern. We talk about race and politics. Talking about understanding each and every races is okay but when we are talking about one's racial "superiority", we tend to be emotional. We don't care about other, we hurt other's feeling.

I always ask, if we grow up in the same country. Shouldn't we all be given the same opportunities? Help the weak, yes but shouldn't we too help the weak that is from a different race/colour/religion? How about the rich people benefiting from certain clause allowing a percentage reduction in buying property. If you are a millionaire, does it make any sense that you deserve to be given a discount when buying a big house?

Poverty doesn't choose the people. Hard work is equally neccesary. Competition makes it possible to improve ourselves. If there is no competition, we will not be able to make international calls, we are not able to learn, see the stars, we do not know what is it like in the space. I always hope, one day, Malaysians can hold side by side, not feeling bad, not insisting that there must be 3 person from 3 different main ethnic groups. And still we would be proud eventhough they do not represent these 3 groups but yet we are proud of them/him/her. Not because they represent our country but because they are Malaysians.

Sometimes, I asked. What does it make a country great? I think the answer is the people. Not natural resources, not great history and certainly not the leaders. Plenty of natural resources usually makes no competitions/inovations, it makes everyone hoping for an easy money. We can see that most countries that have vast amount of natural resources, they tend not to be developed or wealthy.

History. Histories are created by victors. Losers are to be condemmed. No matter how impressive historical facts were been told, they tend to be ambiguous. Jet engines were made in Germany, at the time when Nazi government was in power. Most new inventions came from Germany at the time of WWII. Why? They compete and inovate because they need to compete with the other countries after WWI.

Leaders are the mold of the society and also the representative of the people. Leaders could not do much without the people. But if the people themselves are not acceptive of critisms, are not tolerant, how is the country going to be great? Are we going to wait? Are the others going to wait for us? and instead of going forward, we moved backwards?

We are not a great nation, we are not perfect. But do let us all make Malaysia, a nice warm fuzzy place to stay. A place we can really call it, no other places like home. I miss Malaysia.

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