Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just what I think of

These days, everyone wants to get what he/she wants. Achievements are what that drive people to success. However, I can feel that those things are no longer what I will sweat for these days.

I find that there are more things to see as we grow old. It's not about aiming high but aiming right.

It started when I had the chance to go about representing my country in Singapore. This was my first experience in meeting with the brightest students of Asia. By the way, I am not, I am just a lucky guy being selected to represent the country. :)

Like every ordinary people, there would be moments when we were proud of ourselves. To me, that moment was not representing the country, getting good results, etc but instead one of those happy memories was actually entering Penang Free School.

Well, this is my dad's school so deep inside, naturally I would want to enter this school. Right?

I remembered that during the first day of my secondary schooling life, I woke up a little too early. That day, I was excited to start my secondary school life after spending 6 years of my primary school education. A new life, all new.

Since my school is an old one, it was the first english school to be established in south east asia (my school was establihed in 1816) so stories of secret tunnels, ghosts of former principals were commonly heard.

Those were the days. Therefore, I was always afraid of arriving to school early when I was in the first year. :(

After that, making new friends was a necessity. Of course, during our first few days of our school life, we would cling on with our primary school mates. In life, I think making friends is the primary step in schooling life and it outweighs studying.

Life is honestly lonely and unbearable without friends. I am glad until today I have friends that I can count on.

Few years passed and I am now in Korea. From growing up in a small and beautiful island of Penang to a city of Daegu. It's kinda unbelievable as I never thought of studying in Korea.

Anyway, my city is very similar to Daegu (minus the beaches because Daegu has no beach..) so its easy to get use to the tempo of the city life.

People always say that at the end of the journey, there are few things which are very important. Say, getting a house?

Stable income? ice kacang seller ;)

and finally... marriage???

Luckily most of us are not yet in this stage.

At this stage most of us would be studying hard, graduate, continue with studies or work. But I do not want to reach this part yet.. Is there any possibility to not find work so soon?

I am not a lazy person but I realised that once you are working, it would be almost impossible to travel and see the world.

The feeling of when travelling when we are young is totally different, those phases are indescribable. We are more adventerous, more energetic when we are young and I do not want to miss those opportunity now..

When we are old, usually we are less adventerous, prefering comfort over budget. Not willing to take risks and have more commitments.

I am trying my best to achieve academically as well as to travel while I can. This will be my last long pictorial post until winter. In life, we are all actors and actresses, at the end of day, we will have to remove our makeups.

PS. I will blog when I have the time but for now, I will study hard as to not fail. By the way, I have so few readers so it's really not important to blog I guess. :) Oh readers (if you are one), thank you for reading. ㅋㅋ 앞으로 다시 쓸게요...


kehjun said...

and i'm one of the few? lol =P

kyle said...

i think so. :)

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