Saturday, October 10, 2009

E is for the way Exam Ends (partly)

Mid-Term Exam OVER!!!

One word- glad.

But KLPT is 2 weeks away.

Had to study hard for it, "focus!" *Reminds me of my bio teacher that used to say this to a particular classmate of mine*

To learn Korean,

Try listening to the song above, slow and understandable, it comes from Stairway to Heaven Korean Drama.

"Bo go ship da", 보고 싶다... it means, I want to see you...

I think listening to Korean songs might help.

I prefer to write my blog in English because it will enable readers to understand better than in Korean, and also because I think my readers can understand English rather than Korean.

I'm always curious until now on why there's so many people that wants to learn Korean language, why not other than Korean?

요즘 난 생각이 많아... 친구 때문에 제한국 생활이 좀 힘들어서 말레이시아에 가고싶어 왜 이렇게? ㅋㅋ

*again, remember to pause the annoying background music to listen to the song, gonna remove the first song (my sassy girl) soon*

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