Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pepero Day?

My first post for November. I have many things to write but I have so little time. The problem is not because I need more time to study but I need more time to sleep. Usually I have less than 6 hours of sleep daily.

For your information, I don't study, I review. It works wonder. Hopefully.

Back to the topic, today is Pepero day. This is weirdest day because Koreans just love to make every date that have nice number a special day. What is Pepero Day?

"Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day. It is named after the Korean snack Pepero and held on November 11, since the date "11/11" resembles four sticks of Pepero. The holiday is observed mostly by young people and couples, who exchange Pepero sticks, other candies, and romantic gifts..."

Sourced from Wikipedia

I will remember this day because it was the day where I had to treat my whole classmates (I got full marks in my quiz so I'm top in my class) with Starbucks Coffee. Imagine how it burns your pocket when treating all your friends (all together 16 people) with expensive coffee, lolz. Okay la, honestly, I felt good for being able to treat them once in a while...

I received chocolate sticks (Pepero stick) too but I was hungry at that time and it's now lying in my belly. So no photos.


My next post might be on KLPT exam.

erm, my exam is on this Sat so this post might be kinda structured... everytime i think of something, I just type it down.

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