Thursday, October 1, 2009

Knocking on heaven's door?

Nice song. Simple and repetitive yet I like the melody. The original song was sung by great music legend, Bob Dylan.

"The song describes the feelings and impressions of a dying deputy, who notices that it is getting dark around him as he is knocking on heaven's door. He realizes that he will never use his badge or his guns anymore..." taken directly from Wikipedia

I love when musicians play their guitars.

Have a great holiday (Koreans will be celebrating Chusok, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving this weekend)

While the Chineses (Malaysians, etc ones) will be celebrating Mid-Autumn festival, I miss the time when I'm young, the time when I used to play with lanterns and sometimes being a lil' mischievous (when I were a little boy, I like playing with fire, imagine starting a fire, and listening to the sound of twigs and leaves cracked to a melodious tune) Lucky no cases of my house got burned down ever happened... *touch wood*

I miss mooncakes too, here in Korea, mooncakes are available but only in chinese shops and its too bland, not delicious and without the duck yolk and lotus paste.

Anyway, I'm going out with friends on Fri (tomorrow), Sat and Sun.

Busy me.

But I will definately be studying. KLPT is getting near, argghhhhh... *clanks*

*Do remember to pause the background music before playing, erm, the girl is cute too*

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