Thursday, October 1, 2009

Outing, again!

Last Sunday, I went out with friends (2 Koreans, a Finnish and a Japanese) to 수성못 (a lake's name but 못 means pond) and also to the same Indonesian restaurant. We (except for the Koreans because they do not live in the dormitory) got bored at eating in the 학생 식당 (students' cafeteria)

Tried Nasi Gulai (Curry rice) again, wanted to try others but it would not be a good idea if I eat something that will make me sweat like hell in front of a "pack" of photographers.

Luckily, I can speak many languages, if not even the Nasi Gulai had to be cooked by myself, which I don't even know how.

We tried Nasi Goreng Ayam (Indonesian style), Soto (an Indonesian delicacy) and of course, Nasi Gulai (Lamb curry with rice)

Here's the pic (taken from my friend's Facebook),

My next destination will be, 영남대학교 (Yeungnam University) for KLPT.

One more thing, right now, I'm in a bit of dilemma.. should I participate in a Korean speaking contest or not? Hmmn... it sounds like a "big deal" to me and yet my korean proficiency is still not at its peak yet. I lost a bit of confidence lately, hmmn... some personal issues.


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