Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vote for MU not MORE Elections

Malaysia from other people's views were downright unfavourable. Really. What appears on foreign newspaper(s) were all about negative things about our country.

Even the advertisment (tour package, etc) on newspaper doesnt include Malaysia. Mostly our northern and southern neighbours (Okay la, there's one, but only Johor Bahru!)


The government seems to be more interested in getting more power and making news abroad (that potrays our country "nicely", I'm sarcastic here)

While the oppositions wanted more and more by-elections rather that get work done. Stupid. So ladies and gentlemen, next election... do vote for...

MU 2 - Barcelona 1 (really looking forward for the match, the finale)

p.s been really busy/lazy to blog these days.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle, I'm just here to pay a visit to your blog. Nice one! :-)

*Lay~Nee* said...

Oopppss.. sorry, the first comment if posted by me.


kyle said...

haha... thanks... u too have a blog la... only started blogging "seriously" since i arrive to korea... haha

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