Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Korean Language Exam

My Korean Language Level Exam was over today. Basically, this exam comprises listening skill, reading, writing, speaking and grammer.

And today, i am kinda disappointed. It seems (again) that my efforts to get good results in it doesn't pays off. It's like even though you have put so much effort in learning it, there are always someone that is better than you. Very disappointed actually.

My result were nothing to be boasted, i scored 19 over 25 in reading, others were a lil' more than half of the given percentage, lets say 27.5 over 40, some were 2/3 of the total marks but for writing paper, i have yet to know my result. However, this is not what that makes me *uhhm*. What makes me so upset is my speaking skill part. only a miserable 9 out of 30! Wow... what a record.

Usually, i speak only to the locals but mostly it's like "Ol ma ip ni ka? (how much is it)", "Yolk chon won... wah... bi sah yo... (6000 Won... wah, so expensive!)" and also my famous sentence starter "Ke ro mion (in that case)" but i never realise that the speaking part in exam included "Ji man (sentence connector)" "ji man" means "but". and i never use "but" when i speak with Koreans.

It was and still is tough learning Korean, really, everyone learn it in 2 months while us, the scholarship recipients learn it in only a month. Korean language is tough because there is so many rules when learning it, when we speak to old people, we use "jo nen (i)" but when we speak to friends, we have to use "nah nen (i)". It gets harder and harder as we progress.

Comparing with other languages, in the speaking part, i would say korean is tough. But in the complexity of the characters, chinese (mandarin) characters are complicated. And, korean "word" has so many meanings, example, "Jom" can mean " a little" and also "please".

Couldn't type in korean as i am using my laptop without any pre-installed korean language typing software, yet. Very sleepy too...

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