Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love, Friendship & Sacrifice

Language are meant to be used rather than be kept and used only in times of need. Since, there's nobody to speak to in english back here in Korea, i would say that my english proficiency has started to deteriorate. (Ahhh!!!)

From writing articles, stories, poems for my school magazine (PFS Mag Year 2004, 2008), back here, i do not have much opportunities to use it, but the best part is i can speak another foreign language (Korean) and this adds to my 5th languages (and dialect) that i can converse in (English, Malay, Chinese, Hokkien) but sometimes one could add another, Indo language as it's extremely similar to our Malaysian language.

Maybe i can also learn another foreign language here... Russian... lots of ready made "teachers"... lol...

This is my movie review for issue no 333, my review is Pearl Harbor, honestly, it was a very very touching movie, i would rate this movie as my 4th best after Dark Knight, Forest Gump and Titanic. For those people who are curious about "how on earth can i rate a movie as each and every person have their own preference and taste?" I would say, dear critics, my answer goes like this, "Yes, we have our own preference when watching a movie, maybe some likes action-packed or even romance type movies. But i believe, the best movies are movies that can touch you, touch you deeply and at the same time brings out the best of these actors/actresses.

Here's my review...

"Nobody would ever believe me (until they have seen it) that the greatest movie of all times is Pearl Harbor. It was a 2001 film yet it brought much values needed in a cinematography, a movie that tells us about the history and reminds us about the weaknesses of humans. True enough to the title of the movie, the story begins and ends with Pearl Harbor.

It’s a tale that centers two young boy and their phases to adulthood. Naive as they were, they have an enormous curiosity and interest in aviation. Their common interest in planes were seen when Rafe McCawley (Ben Affleck) and Danny Walker (Josh Harnett), both the main characters and childhood friends in the film, accidentally started a crop dusting plane and nearly killed themselves by doing so.

Then, fast forward, they were now adults and Rafe decided to do what that is best for his career – flying. He volunteered to fight the Nazis on the Western front under the Royal Air Force pretext because at that time America was still in peace time. But before he left for England, he had to undergo a check-up but his eyesight was not perfect enough to be accepted as a pilot. So he begged Evelyn Johnson (Kate Beckinsale), a nurse to allow him to pass the test so that he would be able to fulfil his dream of becoming a pilot.

Luckily for him, the nurse sympathised him and passed his check-up. Coincidences as it may seems, he met the nurse again and this was where they fell for each other. However, he was shot down in combat and was presumed to be killed-in-action only to return to find that his lover had fallen for another guy, his childhood friend, Danny.

The movie also briefly tells us a true aspect of what had happened before the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the ignorance of defence preparation before the imminent strike by the Japanese. Race does not matter when defending the motherland, the blacks (which at that time were relegated to cooking jobs) courageously assisted in eliminating the enemies. At the same time, both Rafe and Danny after reconciling, they put their aviation training to good use by downing enemy’s planes.

Both of them show important values, they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the country and they are always there for one another when the going gets tougher. However, the movie is not a fairy tale as one of them gave his life to save another. This movie may or may not touch your heart but for me, it has imparted me with many values and offers a whole range of moral education, history and entertainment.

Kyle Tan Jin Soon (Department of Korean Language, Kyungpook National University)"

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