Thursday, October 14, 2010

Milestone - 101 Post

I started this blog to replace my old blog from friendster. I think I am among the earliest Malaysians who switch to facebook from friendster.

So I guess when the time came, I have to make a change of heart. Friendster is no longer the ultimate social networking website.

Then, most if not all schoolmates remain hooked to that friendster. Friendster is never a global company, it did not improve. No new changes and lots of spams. Who wants to use it?

Anyway, to "commemorate" my 101 post. I am gonna post this (check below), I wrote it just now k! Happy 101 post to me... Not many readers too. hmmn.

I hope one day when I wake up,
Fairness is fair,
Our abilities are recognized,
Our works are appreciated

I hope one day when I go to school,
We are not be judged,
based on colours, creeds or beliefs
but based on how we do our work.

I hope one day when I am on the way back home,
Everyone will have friends,
of different backgrounds mixing around,
confidently, proudly and happily

I hope one day when I am back from school,
We will see news on papers,
not on inequality, racial supremacy,
but on how we develop our country, together

I hope one day when I have my meals,
We will think of the others,
improvised, homeless and sickly
and help them tomorrow comes

I hope one day when I sleep,
We know we have done something right,
we can sleep like a child
innocent, hateless and peaceful.

That is the day I will be back home

A great song. "Can't you see" by Son Dam Bi (손담비)

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