Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12 October 2010

이제부터 정신이 있어서 공부를 시작해!

Today, the day turns dark at around 6. I know autumn is here but I can't feel the autumn wind.

(Pic - If you can find people selling this by the roadside in Korea, this means that it is now autumn.)

Ate a lot too today, suprisingly, the cafeteria served delicious food for dinner. So satisfied because I ate only bibimbab for lunch.

My exam is next week, so wish me luck mate

Facebook is so addictive, ermm. Actually not because of me been curious of people's latest news but just the games (Mousehunt la... what else...). Once you are stuck in it, hard to get out from it.

It's a lame game. But well, no point giving up right after going so far in this game already. More than a year plus.

Everytime when I am beside a Korean classmate. I feel so stressful. They always talk about studies, exam preparations, etc. I pity them but at the same time I envy their ability to stay awake until the next morning.

I am not an owl. So I never follow their habits.

Life is about living life to the fullest. Of course, along the way... obstacles... Life is so never easy but for now, I'll make use with what I have and my abilities.

In Daegu, to my classmates, I am the only foreign friend to them. In my class, my friends are all Koreans but when outside the class, they are a mixture of foreigners and Koreans. Social wise, I am fortunate, studies, a BIG no. Classes are catered to the Koreans and not foreigners.

I believe when studying overseas, a person must not mix with people of their same races, religions or nationality. We should learn and enjoy different cultures.

Also today, I saw lots of students in suits been busy taking pictures. Graduation photography session. I know I will graduate soon too. But after this, where am I going to go?

So exciting life is. Full with mysteries. ya right.

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