Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 June 2010

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is my final exam.

I gave up in Maths. Resigned to the fact that it is impossible to answer most questions. But. I hope to get good result in Biology and Chemistry though the papers are in Korean. Right now I am doing my maths homework (you see doing homeworks instead of revision!) but I felt bored so I am writing this. My Korean exam papers - hope to pass, no high expectation because I am doing the homeworks more than I should be studying.

Right now I am so stressed up. puff

I surrendered myself in the maths exam. I did better in STPM than now. Thanks to not studying or touching any maths book for over 2 years. lol.

Why results are so important to me lately? Maybe because I felt bad that being a government scholar but obtain bad results? Maybe because I am ambitious? Maybe because my Korean classmates think that I am at par with them so I need to prove my worth? or maybe because I do not want to keep falling to the extend of not knowing how to pick myself up again.

I hate failure. But studies are not everything to me. I just hope for the best and work hard to achieve what I want in life.

Ahhh. I miss home too. Wanna go back yet it is still far from close. 1 year 3 months plus abroad.



Bil said...

ahh. i feel the same too. maybe because im a gov. student n keep failing :(
i really hate failure but without it i'll never learn to be motivated again.
dont be demotivated by it.
jia you!

jun said...

hey.. all the best ya.. dun ever give up.. you can do it =)

kyle said...


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