Monday, April 26, 2010

Living in Korea

*Cost of living in Korea for a day*


Bread (2.50 USD/1.50 USD)
Rice (3.00 USD/2.00 USD)
Milk (1.00 USD/1.00 USD)


Bibimbap (2.50 USD)
Rice and chicken cooked in Ginseng Soup (3.20 USD)
Sushi buffet (10.00 USD)
Spaghetti (4.00 USD)
Coke (1.00 USD)

It really depends on what you will be eating for that day, some might be a cheaper, like ramyeon noodle (USD 0.70) to nice restaurant meal with a glass of wine (at least USD 15.00)


Same as for Lunch but do try Samgyeopsal (about 10.00 USD for all you-can-eat)


Hotel : No idea
Motel : At least USD 20.00, btw, this is in Daegu and not in Seoul.


Bus/Subway : Usually about USD 1.00 per ride but I had spent about USD 10.00 a day before when I was in Seoul last time.

Taxi : USD 1.70 per entry but the fare increases as you travel. Metered taxi unlike in Malaysia. Expensive but realible.

Car : Very cheap to buy a car in Korea. USD 6000 (about RM 20000) can buy a sedan in Korea. Malaysia. Haiyah, dream on.

Korea is an amazing country. For an average Malaysian, it might sound a little expensive but it is still a great country to visit.

The only catch is, you will definately be needing a Korean speaker to really enjoy your trip to Korea. English is not as widely spoken eventhough lots of huh hah over English in Korea these days

Finally, do you want to visit Korea?

Will be updating soon. Mid Term Exam finally over...

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