Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another ranting by me

I do not know why, how and what is wrong with me. No focus in my studies and so easily distracted. shit. It was so different last time. I am now yawning and spending my time typing this nuts. I might be hardworking last time but I think I lost a bit of focus now. Maybe I had spent my 2 years doing stuffs not related to studies like learning another foreign language.

My Chemistry exam is tomorrow. Do not know how I would fare this time. Felt disappointed with myself today. No work done. So many classmates think I could score but it was all a lie, I felt no confidence at all. Still, I shall not screw my paper... Hopefully...

Did not online and yet I was so distracted. Had a study timetable, I did it for every exam from SPM to STPM, but this time, I ignored it.
Felt dumb and stupid today. I have lots of "hopes" today and one of them is not to fail my chemistry paper. I will try harder in my next paper.

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