Friday, June 26, 2009

Of Shrimp Burger & ...

After a short absence from the blogging sphere, I'm Back! These days i am very busy, doing things that I am not supposed to be doing, packing stuff which in the end i have to unpack them again.

My daily schedule is actually very regimental but it allows me to explore more of my city, Daegu. For the first time, i manage to walk from my university to "Homeplus" hypermarket, here, it looks more like "Tesco", it "sounds" like "Giant" [their advertisments were more like "Giant" ones but with lots of people dancing]

Usually, it will take more than 15 minutes by foot, but it's worth the effort because if I take taxi, it will cost about 3000 Won which at that price, I could buy... *jeng jeng jeng*

Shrimp Burger
Not found in Msia, Spore, etc
3300 won after tax

Tasted nice, it should coz every first must be memorable, if not, then why there's hype on first kiss, first love, first crawl (when we're baby), etc.

p/s 3000 Won is equivalent to RM 8.25, with that, i could buy a McD™ Quarter Pounder in Malaysia. Missing Malaysia for that. LOL.

Now, it is summer and the weather has becoming hotter and hotter by day. I had already resigned to the fact that I am gonna continue my studies right here in Korea. Well, Korea is actually a nice place to study (honestly) but when you were chucked into a university that has few people whom you share some similarities, it can make you lonely at times.

Oh ya, my university entrance risk-taking attempt had backfired (damn!) but who cares about it right (as I'm now in korea)? but still a part of me felt a little bitter against the government... *m*leh lu c**bai l*ngch**o* they gave me "ciplak" course la... i knew there's already a high possibility of not getting good courses because i had put two critical courses (you need not know, just guess will do :P) on my first two choices in IPTA (public university) application. but still...

Went to Gyeonju last Saturday too... will be updating a new one soon. if i have the time.

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