Saturday, June 6, 2009

Better Malaysia - An impossible mission?

My post for today will be solely on Malaysian Politics. It sucks big time to see, read and know that while people are more worried on whether there's food on the table, our politicians here are more interested to keep talking on matters pertaining to their own self interests.

If tomorrow can be said to be better than today, if today is going to be better than yesterday. Then they are all lies that are only valid in our own country, Malaysia. Really, I felt sad that Malaysian politicians had became more engrossed with political plays. From September 16 government takeover "plans" to Perak State takeover, it seems that political crisis will never end. Though I am now thousands of miles from Malaysia, Malaysian news seems to be the staple in my country that I am studying in now. But all for bad reasons.

From the kidnapping of an Indonesian model by Kelantan State Prince to the use of ISA on CIVILIANS, we make unfavourable news abroad. One day, I want to be a politician but being a politician here seems to only favour the ones that obey orders from the party leaders. Like a dog, really. I like dogs, but I hate people that behave like dogs. Go to hell man. Now, I'm having reservations on joining any political parties.

UMNO still play racial politics (as usual), MCA still has no balls and can go on asking for more scholarships (Why have scholarship for SPM leavers but not A-Level/STPM, SPM exams I realised later were nuts and so damn easy when I was in Form 6...), MIC that never wants to change and keep on insisting that they are going to win back the Indian votes next election, you see, they all talk about races but nothing about unifying the different races into 1 true MALAYSIAN.

PKR that seems to be obsessed with elections (and more elections) and is the mother of all party hopping ideas, DAP, they are not firm with their ideals and PAS, only Muslims can join the party unless if you are not a Muslim but still want to join this party, then you can join the "supporter's club".

I want a country that I can be proud off, not in terms of economic progress but I want the citizens to be open minded (is that so hard?) and willing to look for long term success(es). It's better not to think on joining any political parties now because everyday to them is about infuences and deceptions.

Have fun living in Bolehland... love my country but hates the government and the political parties that exist in Malaysia. Sad right? what to do... corruptions everywhere too... to be rich don't be a doctor, engineer or businessman. Be a politician.

P/S. my next post will be about my hike in 압산 ("front" mountain)

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