Sunday, June 7, 2009

Apsan Hike - 30 May 2009

The starting of the trail... the further we climbed the steeper it gets.

Pine trees are everywhere

A Buddhist Temple at the foothill

Entreprising lady selling Ice-cream at 1000 won (approx RM 2.50) each

Daegu city, Korea, it's the forth (or third?) largest city in Korea. It's a landlocked city surrounded by mountains.

Breathtaking view...

An Eagle soaring.. not easy capturing this pic but thankfully with the right camera and right hand *ahem*

Plan to go bungee-jumping at that Daegu Tower

Nike. It is able to survive even from the most of the toughest climb

Helipad... for lazy people that are too lazy to climb and also for emergencies la

Maureen, Sing Muk and me

Buddha statue


Some Korean War memorial

Tank used during that war

*click on the pic to read*


Map of the entire area...

I'm letting the pics do the talking, if more explainations needed. =)

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