Friday, December 7, 2012

Of Snow and My Thoughts

During my first year in Korea, every time it snows, I would stop all my work and look outside for a while. The following year, snowing became so common, I ignored it and continue on with my life. The last time it snowed was during the new year's day this year, and the timing was really memorable. New year = First snow of the winter season.

At first it snows like this...

After some time...
This year was a bit different. It snowed just now, during my exam week (less than 3 more days before the D-Day). Snows reminds me of many things- that some things just don't last long, just like snows, they melt as soon as the weather turns a little warmer. So I am never easily be disappointed with many failures. I take life easily (and positively). :) 

This may be the second last winter of me living in Korea. My clock now resets whereby I have another year to go before seeing my last snow here. This means time is running up! :( It was an irony because when I first came to Korea, I never even thought of staying in Korea this long even though I was awarded the government scholarship. 

Reason is that I was still awaiting the result for the admission to local university. I applied for medicine. Of course my result was not an "excellent" one but well, who cares? Hehe... After almost 4 years in Korea, when I think of my final year, next year, I feel a little sentimental to be leaving the place I have known for so long, friends I have met and the memories this soon.  

My KNU Times juniors

Like you and me, we may have many dreams. Dreams of what we want to see or become in the future. Some hope to become wealthy, others may want to get a job in well-known companies. Who doesn't? What I am worrying is whether I will love or enjoy what I am doing in the future. I am afraid of putting the importance of money before my interest. 

Not to offend anyone, but after living in Korea and mingling with the foreigners. I found that most Filipinos communities in Korea (of all the other foreigners) prefer living permanently in Korea. Many if not all Filipinos I met hope to settle down in Korea after they graduate, etc. In my humble opinion, this is not wrong but it will exacerbate further brain drain in Philippines. 


Malaysia is facing a big problem too. Everyday is about politics and every news here revolve around politics. What saddens me most is that "ethnic race" is always part of the main discussion. I know it is tough to govern a multicultural country but isn't ethic minorities or majority are citizens too? 

Such negative impressions of the "injustice" from the ethnic minorities, as well as the dissatisfaction of the country's unequal wealth pie felt by the ethnic-majority are detrimental to the nation growth. Then what is the solutions? Malaysia needs to tackle the root cause of it- too much racial elements that were allowed to permeate here and there.

We have a race (and politically) based newspapers, multiple education systems (National, Chinese, Indian, etc), race-based political parties, a race-based armed regiment (e.g. Royal Malay Regiment), different admission processes for certain races, ethnic based quotas, and so forth. Wouldn't it be great if we are matured enough to see the benefits of uniting all Malaysians regardless of ethnicity? Let's start with the overhauling our education system first.

It would be nice to see a single unifying schooling system that all races can be uniquely interested in- classes that are taught fairly and admission to the universities are based on one's own merits. As expected, weak/poor students ought to be given better opportunity to attend additional classes and if needed, other supporting measures in the form of small allowances were given to ensure that they are able to buy books, uniforms, decent meals and attend classes.  

Teachers need to be trained as professionally as possible. Instead of allowing good but retiring teachers to retire, the government can recruit them to train the new teachers. Since the public perception of teaching is not glamorous, attracting bright students to become teachers is difficult. Government can give more overseas scholarships to bright students (interested to become a teacher) on the condition that they will come back and teach the students.

Once in a while, government scholars like from the JPA (Public Service Department) should be given the chance to teach temporarily so as to inspire the younger generations to dream big. Public universities and government's pre-universities that have admission based on ethnic backgrounds needs to be abolished or lowered (albeit temporarily) to ensure students are able to compete academically with each other. Admittedly, weak students need to be given additional support to improve themselves and they should not be penalized if they failed to meet the expectation for the first time.    

When fairness prevails, more Malaysians regardless of ethnicity will consider this country as an ideal place to settle down. This means no more infighting, more local investments, better opportunity for self improvement and the country prospers.
Nevertheless, I also knew such things are difficult to achieve. When the time comes, not necessarily with better education, but with more maturity and experience, Malaysians can live in a better place than before. I know we are not living in an idealistic world but I always hope for the best.

Some of the "supplies" from home
Snowing makes me miss home but I know I have unfinished tasks to achieve. What I need now are self motivation, strong determination and a good cup of hot chocolate. I usually prepared months before the exams when I was in high school, weeks before I took the pre-university examination but last minute during my university life. Sometimes when I think of it, life in university can be so fun :) 


Mimieyy said...

You're studying in Korea? OMG! I'm jealous. Can you tell how did you get the scholarship? Or maybe you can tell me what is the qualifications? I really want to study in Korea. I hope you can help me. I just done my Spm and I'm waiting for my results now. Do reply me in my blog. Thanks!

kyle said...


I had replied your email. Thanks for reading :)

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