Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting ready for exams...

My exam is just around the corner. I have lots more to cover but hopefully, I would be able to complete all my revisions before end of next week :) Procrastination is my biggest enemy. Distraction is second. 

Favorite soundtracks during exam week.

Chevaliers de Sangreal from the Da Vinci Code

Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne

Time (from the movie Inception) by Hans Zimmer

Brothers (from the movie Pearl Harbor) by Hans Zimmer

Tennessee (from the movie Pearl Harbor) by Hans Zimmer

Autumn is now over and in less than 3 weeks, my forth year in Korea will be almost over. When I looked back at all the resolutions I made last year, I didn't achieve them all- I sleep late everyday. I am grateful I am able to sleep at 2 something am and wake up at 8 am everyday without fail. Hope to change this after exam. One more year to go here in Korea and after this, what's next for me? 


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