Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Daegu - Su Seong Lake, what?

When people travel, it is usually more important to visit all the places of interest than to try and taste all the local food. In my case, I would rather taste the local food more than visiting places of interest. Daegu is still unknown to most people outside Korea. Although Daegu is the third largest city in Korea, many people still prefer to visit Seoul or/and Busan.

Around 국채보상공원 (National Debt Repayment Park) near the Lotte Cinema

In Daegu, the best place to eat is still everywhere. Daegu is a conservative city and during the recent Korean election, the conservative party (or the Saenuri Party of Korea) won the election here, so do not expect many liberal people living here. Nevertheless, Daegu with the slow pace of modernity is the best place to try Korean food. 

One of the wealthy areas in Daegu (like the Gangnam region in Seoul) is the Su Seong region. The main attraction of this place is the high end restaurants around the area surrounding a man-made lake. The restaurants are of upwards 30 USD for a simple decent meal and most ordinary people from Daegu do not go there to dine. 

Around the area, there are lots of good restaurants, coffee shops, nice houses and even a small amusement park. Nevertheless, the centre of attraction for most people is still the lake.

Unbreakable devotion. Hoot~!

Where's my saw? Itchy hands... ^^

A brief history - Su Seong Lake was constructed during the Joseon Dynasty for agricultural purpose but during the Japanese occupation, it was furthered repaired after years of neglect. Now there are trails and health facilities available for the people and during May to October (at between 8 and 9 pm everyday), there would be a light fountain show for around 30 minutes.

Around Su Seong Lake (수성못).

Su Seong Lake at night. (Source: Daegu City Website

Getting there: Take bus number 403 to Suseong (수성못) from the downtown (I took this bus from National Debt Repayment Park - Check above). Look for the bus route at the bus stop for more confirmation.

Take Bus 403 there

The lake is also just beside the Deurangil (들안길), a 2.3km-long street famous for its high end restaurants. Among them is the Denbachi restaurant, this is the place to enjoy the scenic view of the lake while eating food cooked by renown chefs. However, it is very expensive to eat there.

In my next post, I would be writing about my review of a nice little restaurant visited by me. This restaurant is located a walking distance from the Su Seong Lake. Do check out for more coming soon.


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