Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After exam blues.

Exams can do wonders. It makes you busy, it makes you sleepless and full of stress. Life until now was so hectic. It served as a perfect distraction for me to focus on my academic priorities in this busy semester. 

These days, I think something is going wrong with me. Is it normal to be a little upset and pissed off when receiving late replies or no reply? Dang. I felt only some girls do feel these way. Just kidding lah. I shouldn't be like that. Ain't life beautiful?

This is a small change in me that I dislike since coming to Korea. Must not act this way. Must change!  Is it  also because of my lack of sleep? Anyway, I think I have becoming better in certain ways since coming to Korea.  

I felt I am more socially adept than I was back in my high school years. I believe having more freedom in my life plays a huge role in this. With the right attitude, humor and a charming smile (Hihi), they do work wonders on people. :)

What would it like if I am just an average student, no ambitions, no affiliations and no perseverance. Would I be a different person? 

Personally, I think I am also an average guy because there are always people better than the rest of us. Everyone can be successful if they can dream, work a little harder and never give up.

At the Library, where are yoooouuu?


Now is spring in Korea but the weather in Daegu is more like of summer. Flowers are blooming, new friends to meet, birds building nest and great weather all day round. Despite all this, it still rains periodically, cherry blossoms are now wilting and distance from home/piping hot Malaysian food reining supreme in my mind. Sigh.


It'll wake you up - tongue burning is the side effect.

My next post will be about a good restaurant in Daegu. Do check it out if you are around here and hope to see you in Daegu, the city where only Korean knows about its existence. Now you know Daegu!    



Anonymous said...

ㅎㅎ 내 사진을 봤어..

kyle said...

그래요?? 만나서 반가워요 :)

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