Monday, February 27, 2012

Turkish Delight @ Daegu

I've been to Seoul, I like Seoul and it also cannot be denied that the best Kebab in Korea is in 이태원 (Itaewon, Seoul). Itaewon is usually crowded with foreigners and is well known for the many foreign restaurants, great concentration of foreigners unlike in any other places around Korea and it is also an infamous transvestites infested area.

Well, I'll leave the transvestites for next time. Anyway, every time I am in Seoul, I would be in Itaewon (Ankara Palace - highly recommended!) for the kebab. Check out this link for the directions.

Star Kebab in Daegu, I see some meat..

Ankara Picnic in Seoul, heaven-icious!

In Daegu, it is difficult to find any Turkish restaurants serving kebabs. The only place to get a decent kebab is at Star Kebab. This restaurant is located not far from the middle of downtown but I do get lost sometimes while on the way there.

The menu list

The entrance to Star Picnic

It's quite hidden on the alleys but you can get the direction in this website (This is also an English online magazine about happenings and events in Daegu) for the site map of my downtown Daegu. The dishes there look authentic but the set meals are a bit expensive and may not worth your money. Oddly, my biggest complain is the fries. Although, it is uncommon to eat fries with kebab, the fries are extremely flaccid and looks like they re-fried the leftovers.

Shall we say this is a "photo map" there?

Nevertheless if you would like to have a decent Turkish meal, make sure you drop by to the one and only Turkish restaurant at the Daegu downtown.


fiqahlee88 said...

Agreed. When i walked through Itaewon, felt like I'm in KL or somewhere,hahaha, love the abundant of the Kebab to choose from as well the halal eateries.. Itaewon, wait for me!

kyle said...

Haha. I tend to overspend, overeat and "overstay" everytime I am there. Hmmmmmnnnn....

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