Saturday, October 29, 2011

Exam Over, Whats next?

One of the many songs during Asia Song Festival 2011 in Daegu :)

"Music" by AAA (Though I can't understand Japanese, I enjoyed it!!!)

The original version

When time passes so quickly, sometimes one feels afraid of what's going to happen next. Like everyone, I am looking forward for the future but am a bit insecure on what am I going to be in the future. If only life is already laid down in front of your eyes and we just follow that direction - that would be pretty easy.

I always like poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. If we continue to believe in fate and not trying to improve ourselves, life would be hard and we wouldn't recover from failures. Nevertheless, I think what makes me a little different is that I am somehow determine to pursue my dreams but at the same time willing to sacrifice some of them because of personal reasons - we can't have everything on this world right? ^^

Therefore, there comes the importance of money. The world would be a better place if each and every people have enough to spend, sufficient to eat and a shelter. If every countries value humanity, there wouldn't be any money wasted on wars and foreign interventions. Contrary to popular belief that money is evil, I think money is just great as long as we know how to spend it well! I love to travel and without money, I can only dream.

But that's another story.

So what's my path? Be a young but handsome beggar? Hehe. Just Kidding! :P Be dependent on parents? Nah. Work after graduate? Maybe. Medicine in John Hopkins? Of course this time again, getting a scholarship is a must because over there, 300,000 USD is a very very huge sum of money for me to study there. But I am not smart (book wise) in Korea because of Korean language.. :( The "feel" of graduating soon is worrisome but I am sure I will do fine, like always. Hopefully..

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to be waited for - it is a thing to be achieved..." William Jennings Bryant, American politician.


I have a huge liking on hot and spicy food. Sometimes, if reincarnation does really exist, I think I must not be a Chinese. I think I am either a curry loving Indian or Sambal (spicy sauce) is-a-must-in-every-meal Malay hardcore fan. But every time I taste spicy food, my eyes will turn watery... Hot.. Hot.. In Korea, every dishes tend to be spicy (they add chili powder even in plain soups! -_-"). Imagine going out with a girl and sweating profusely like if you are gonna die of heat stroke. Hmmmmnn..


Ahhh... At last it's fall here in Korea.. You can feel fall had arrived when it's impossible to go out with a pair of shorts - too cold. It looks weird to be wearing only a plain T-shirt to class when everyone else are wearing outer. I do miss summer. It wouldn't be so cold swimming on autumn days than during summer. But eating 잉어빵 on cold windy days while enjoying the colors of fall sounds great!

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