Sunday, October 16, 2011

Daegu - Asia Song Festival 2011 (I)

Two more days and then, it's "Hello" to mid term exams but still I'm not as focused as last time. I went for a concert in Daegu yesterday - Asia Song Festival 2011. Before deciding to go, I reminded myself that this is my first Korean concert and it's free (VIP pass) so why not?

Daegu Asia Song Festival 2011 ticket!

Peter Ho from Taiwan

Like Being Hit by a Bullet, Chinese version



And I got a nice seat too, it was only a short distance from the stage and wow - you can see them performing without relying on it being projected on the big screen all the time. And most importantly, it was in Daegu - my city.

BEAST supporters (Fiction, fiction... yes they were there yesterday...)

Yesterday was great, I like a Japanese song by AAA. It was a happy song, so nice and all my study stress dissipated away. Fuhh... Couldn't describe it as it was all in Japanese but music is universal and I liked it very much. G.NA's song "Black & white", she was so hot! erm.. I mean her song was great! ^^

AAA from Japan

Lee Seung Gi, hmmn.

SNSD or Girls' Generation

Just a kit lens (and not zoom lens) but quite a clear pic

I saw a shot of a Malaysian fan on the screen, instinctively, I recorded it. It was by Super Junior. Sadly, I do not know the names of any members of this group - not a K-pop fan. Yet. Haha :)

Super Junior

The second guy (plump guy) was quite funny because he spoke in a Daegu dialect, the fifth guy said "I do not have any plans of coming here (Daegu) again" and everyone were like "Huh?". Then when he said "I'm only lying", the girls were all like "AHHH.." -_-"

Besides the rest of the well-known ones from Korea, there were songs by Perfume from Japan (They were like dolls!), Tata Young from Thailand (but not so "young" anymore), Bibi Chou from China (Never knew her English is good!) and many more (including a few Korean performers too like Miss A).

Will update again after my exam! Good luck!

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