Monday, November 15, 2010

Hi readers

Dear readers,

When I started blogging, it was to maintain my writing skills and language proficiency. Before that, I wrote stories/poems for my school magazines (it started in Standard 4 when I wrote for my school magazine) and not through the blog like what I am doing now.

I love writing but sometimes I can't think of any new ideas to write especially the ones that of your liking. So now, I am giving you the opportunity to decide what you want to read! ^^

Hope you will enjoy the liberty on choosing what you are interested to know and experience through this blog. Feel free to vote on what you would want to read at the poll located at the top left corner of the blog :)

Recently, I was selected together with 54 students to write about things related to Korea (which I did long long ago, wei, they should pay me la...) This is mainly to promote/introduce Korean culture to readers besides my normal entry.

Best regards,


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